As a reminder that you are never too old for Christmas joy and tales of spunky British child wizards, J.K. Rowling announced yesterday that she will be releasing a new Harry Potter-related short story a day from December 12th until Christmas. As in, 12 more Harry stories. MOAR HARRYRONHERMIONE. ACCIO STORIES. NITWIT! BLUBBER! ODDMENT! TWEAK!

Rowling blessed us with this news via Pottermore, a free fansite where she previously published 5500 new Potter-related words on Halloween. This included an in-depth analysis about Dolores Umbridge, the most skin-crawlingly cruel, irritating Potter villain of them all, in this blogger's opinion (though she did like kittens!)

Each story in this new batch will be released daily at 8 a.m. At least one will reportedly be a tale about Draco Malfoy, Harry's Hogwarts nemesis, though it's unclear whether it'll rival the sultry Malfoy/Longbottom/Hermione shipping fan-fiction this writer has totally never written and has not stored somewhere deep in the dark bowels of her high school laptop's hard drive.