2006_02_gotgas.jpgGothamist was reading the obituary for Jo Foxworth, who wrote the D'Agostino jingle ("Please Mr. D'Agostino...move closer to me") and it got us thinking about jingles that stick in our head. It's a dying art form (just as TV theme songs that explain the title or character situations are practically gone). Jingles tend to be heard on the radio these days, and here are the most notable ones that come to mind:

- Intelligent Energy's "1-600-I've-Got-Gas!"
- Modell's: "Gotta go to Mo's...gotta go to Mo's...gotta go to...Modell's!"
- Food Emporium: "Someone's made a store just for me...Food Emporium, Food Emporium"
- Sleepy's: "Sleepy's...for the rest of your life"
- 1-800-Matress: "Leave off the last S for Savings"
- Shop-Rite: Can-can song

Can you think of any others? And we've wondered about those local NYC TV ads before - we'd like to make a special shout-out to the Young People's Day Camp smiley balloon and Raceway Park!