Jimmy Kimmel loves himself some pranks, whether he's engaged in a back-and-forth with buddy John Krasinski, instructing parents to trick their kids on Halloween, or trolling Matt Damon every single day of his life. But his most popular and successful prank segments are usually the ones where he skips the celebrity friends and instead takes to the streets to lie to people directly—and he came up with a particularly hilarious one this week when the Kimmel crew set up shop across from Lincoln Center and told New Yorkers that Trump had bought the place and would soon rename it 'Trump Center.'

Piggybacking off of the Trump Place sign coming down off an UWS building yesterday, Kimmel said, 'We wanted to see what would happen if we told people there was a place where Trump's name was going up." The reactions are pretty funny across the board, especially once they introduce the architectural plans for the makeover—Trump Place includes a Hooters, KFC, Sbarro, a bowling alley, and a sign announcing it's sponsored by Mountain Dew Code Red. "I feel like I can hear western civilization crumbling as we speak," one man says.

Watch below as everyone is horrified at the proposal—although, on second thought, that bowling alley does sound pretty sweet.

The other much-shared clip from last night's episode saw Tom Holland swing by to show off his new red-and-black Spider-Man outfit. And don't even bother asking him about how there could be a new Spider-Man movie even though Spider-Man technically died in the last Avengers film, he has bank robberies to foil.

Also, national treasure Julia Louis-Dreyfus was a guest on the show, and she talked about the upcoming final season of Veep: