Jimmy Fallon is easing his way on to America's televisions, where he'll eventually land next year when he takes over hosting duties for Conan O'Brien. Until then, he's on the internet. Yesterday the former SNL cast member put up his first "blog, or vlog, if you wanna use that word" which, as Gawker points out, had a 1:36 runtime which "was far short of the 5 minute target." During that short time he announced that The Roots will be his house band, and he'll officially be taking over Studio 6B come March 2nd. In the meantime, more Jimmy is promised each night at 12:30 a.m., to be delivered right here.

As far as the rest of the late night shuffle is concerned, Conan will be taking over Leno's seat in California, and Leno will be moving to a 10 p.m. slot on NBC. Letterman's still going strong. And Fallon's under contract, so late night viewers better learn to love him.