Noted piano bar sensation Jimmy Fallon injured his hand a few weeks ago, prompting a hospital stay and a two week "Tonight Show" hiatus. The show returned last night, and Fallon revealed some grisly details about the episode—including that he literally PULLED HIS FINGER OFF and risked losing it entirely.

Apparently, Fallon tripped on a rug, caught his wedding ring on a countertop, and suffered something called "ring avulsion," which joins "Why does my eye itch?" and "public swimming pools" on the list of things you should never Google. "My ring got caught on the countertop when I was going down and stuck there - and pulled my finger off," Fallon said last night. "I’m getting up and my finger is sideways."

Fallon suffered through a gnarly 6-hour surgery in which doctors took a vein from his foot and connected it to his finger tissue—he had to stay in the ICU for 10 days, and won't get feeling back in the injured digit for at least eight weeks. But still, it could have been worse: "Apparently, the odds aren’t great, and usually they just cut your finger off," he said. More gruesome details in the video below:

Delightful! But thankfully Fallon's near-mutilation hasn't kept him from having fun—last night he and guest Paul Rudd imbibed cocktails like peppermint schnapps and...gravy and part of a boozy take on Plinko, appropriately dubbed "Drinko." Bacon soda will take the bite right out of a hand injury: