Despite all the seismic shifts amongst late night hosts in the past year—swapping Leno for Fallon, Fallon for Meyers, Letterman for Colbert—the new generation of late night hosts seem more likely to attack each other with hugs and sincere professional courtesy than tridents and backstabbing. But at least one of them had a real life brush with a knife fight this week—Jimmy Fallon narrowly escaped a brawl at East Village bar Niagara on Thursday. "Fallon was pretty shaken up," a source told the Daily News. "He was at the wrong place at the wrong time, and chaos erupted around him."

According to reports, Fallon and a group of friends and co-workers headed to the bar around 10:30 p.m. on Thursday just as a band was finishing their set. "There was some hostility from some people at the bar," a source told the Post. "Jimmy was not the aggressor, but he was caught up in it. It was broken up and Jimmy and his friends immediately left."

Another person told them, "There was a kerfuffle, a dust-up amongst other patrons. Jimmy was caught up in it, but was not hurt and turned around and left. It was not caused by him and he was in and out in five minutes." One person reportedly tweeted about Fallon being there along with a photo of "a suit-and-tie-clad Fallon being apparently comforted by a woman and closely guarded by a large glowering guy in an FDNY sweatshirt as a stunned crowd gathered around." That tweet has since been deleted.

Fallon wasn't hurt in the almost-brawl, and no one at the bar answered when we called to inquire what sparked the fight. While Fallon has always seemed like a bit of a softie (and not necessarily in a bad way), we have no doubt that the more rough-and-tumble incoming Late Show host Stephen Colbert would get right into the thick of the shit if bad stuff started to go down at the Double Down Saloon.