Jimmy Fallon has just purchased a cozy studio apartment at 34 Gramercy Park, but not for him and his wife and their one child to live in. Just to have. Continuing that tradition whereby rich people buy up more real estate than one person or one family or even five families need, the Fallons have just purchased a fifth unit in their building, according to the WSJ. Good for them, but that seems like a lot of apartments for one family! As Curbed points out, that is 1/7 of the building.

We turned to our own Jake Dobkin, who enjoys discussing the Housing Revolution, and he says, "Necessary goods like housing should be heavily regulated. Obviously buying an apartment and leaving it empty during an extreme housing crisis is anti-social. But if you buy multiple apartments and put your family up there, or use it to house homeless people, I’m not going to say anything." Fallon (who does seem like a nice guy!) will be using the studio apartment as an office space.

In total, the Fallon family of three now own a four-bedroom apartment and a studio apartment on the 9th floor, two separate units that they've now combined on the 7th floor, and one unit on the 8th floor.