With Bill Hader, Fred Armisen, and Jason Sudekis gone (and Seth Meyers with one foot out the door), Saturday Night Live is undergoing a very transitionary 39th season. In their place, there have been interchangeable new (white) cast members, awkwardly-acknowledged controversies, and that terrible Miley Cyrus episode. But thankfully, we finally have some good hosts to look forward to: Paul Rudd, John Goodman, and Jimmy Fallon will each return to host the show in December. Is it too much to hope for Stumblin pt 2?


Up first is Paul Rudd, making his third hosting appearance, with musical guest One Direction on December 7th—considering Rudd is promoting Anchorman 2, we would not be shocked to see a Will Ferrel/Ron Burgundy cameo, or perhaps the whole Chanel 4 News Team. Then on December 14th comes John Goodman, who'll be hosting for the 13th time. He'll have musical guest Kings of Leon (performing for their third time on the show) with him.

And finally on December 21st, Jimmy Fallon will return for the second time since he left the show to host the last episode of the year—and he'll bring good buddy and Five-Timers Club member Justin Timberlake along as musical guest. Although we'd bet a lot of money that Timberlake will show up in plenty of sketches as well.

So yeah, lots of good hosts a'coming. A lot of tried and true hosts, sure, but we'd take any of these three over Bruce Willis or whoever it is that is hosting this weekend. We'd certainly rather watch Fallon breaking in the middle of the happiest place on Earth than Cyrus sticking her tongue out to smell or whatever.