When Jim Carrey isn't belting out Radiohead tunes on the Lower East Side, or rollerblading on the streets, he's channeling his inner-starving artist at the Church Of FFC (which he says is "the name I've given my art studio" in New York). We contacted some galleries and museums to give their thoughts about Carrey's works (his latest is a 16-foot by 12-foot painting titled "Visible")—but everyone was pretty mum. The Guggenheim, for example, told us "no comment," and the New Museum said "all our curators are traveling right now" (or washing their hair?). Lucien, the director of the Invisible Dog, however, wanted to see more. He told us (and please, pardon his French):

"Very hard to give a comment. His works looks colorful and powerful but I would prefer to see them in real. I'm French and I'm not familiar with Jim Carrey as a movie star even if I saw some of his [serious] films but His smile is def charming ;-)"

Awww. Here's a little tour of Carrey's studio—what do you think. Should Carrey and Franco team up for a joint exhibition?