Jersey Shore's Vinny Guadagnino fancies himself part of the 1%, but wants you all to know he stands with the 99%. This and other gems from AOL's recent interview with Guadagnino, who was a political science major:

"I'm registered as an Independent. I did vote for Obama ... but now, I'm part of Occupy Wall Street, eff the government ... I'm part of the 99% right now." (The "star" gets paid about $100,000 per episode.) "I think [Occupy Wall Street] is amazing, I think it's awesome. Even if it does nothing, Americans are finally stepping up and talking about whatever issues they have. It started off talking about corporate greed, but ya know what it is ... it's more of like a brotherhood, it's more like going to Church," said Guadagnino, who has yet to actually witness or participate in Occupy Wall Street in real life.

He also fired back at vehemently anti-Jersey Shore Jersey Governor Chris Christie: "It's a shame too, 'cuz I don't mind him so much as a political figure, the things that he sides with. But for him to judge us based on what we do ... he's called us really bad names, like he's called me an idiot, stupid, like a little kid does. I wouldn't expect that from an American political figure." Oh, Vinny, you precious, sweet little thing. Run along now to Camp Zuccotti and let us know how that goes, okay?