Despite the show giving the state a most favorable reputation, New Jersey residents are apparently none too pleased with the Jersey Shore. What is it this time? Oh, just a $420,000 tab they're being forced to pick up for the bronzed and pouffed cast.

The state Economic Development Authority approved the massive tax credit for production costs from the show's inaugural season, despite some very vocal opposition from local politicians: "I can’t believe we are paying for fake tanning for Snooki and The Situation, and I am not even sure $420,000 covers that," said Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon.

Whatever you do, don't blame Chris Christie! “The Governor cannot veto EDA action that is in compliance with non-discretionary, existing law," said a Christie rep, no matter how badly he wants the cast out. But the state might get lucky yet: after seeing the shores of Miami and Italy, who knows if Snooki will ever come back to Jersey?