Just like he did in PCU, Jeremy Piven has somehow played the role of major slacker who ends up unscathed when an arbitrator today decided that he did not violate his contract by dropping out of Speed-the-Plow after claiming to have mercury poisoning. Following Piven's tearful testimony before a panel in February, the case went to an independent arbitrator who decided that there just wasn't enough evidence against what many saw as a fishy story from the recent host of WWE Raw. Producers of the play issued a statement saying, “While we respect the decision, we strongly disagree with it. We remain eternally grateful to...the many who had to deal with very difficult and trying circumstances.” Piven, who was last heard from threatening the delicate Chris Kattan over a joke about the incident, once again did not hesitate to offer his two cents about the situation, as he has throughout. The Chasing Liberty star said, “All we can ask for is our day in court. I was lucky enough to get it, and the truth prevailed. It’s a beautiful thing...I think our president has shown us, beautifully, that the high road is the road to take and so I’m going to take his lead on this."