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Jenny "RUBE" Rubin is hilarously funny! Her comic timing is spot on, and she is defnitely one to watch. She has performed at Chicks and Giggles and is a regular at the Comedy Social which is Wednesday, January 12 at Cafe Sin Sin.

The Basics.
Astrological Sign.
Sagittarius--Since I can remember, I've been so proud of this-And every Sag I meet, seems to feel the same way, it's sort of like a cult--with a big heart-

Day job/Bad habit.
I'm what they call an office manager-I work for a Solar Energy company--But really I just sit at my desk and google people and look on craigslist---One day--One day my ship will come in-
Actually, all jokes aside, I have a very nice laid back job where I can where my pajamas. My bad habit is smoking too much--I slowly am sounding more like my father.

Where did you grow up and where do you live now?
I grew up in New York City-also pretty proud of this.. At the moment I reside with my wackjob parents in Carroll Gardens...Recently had to move out of my ex-boyfriend's house. We broke up and I was like, "What, do I still really have to move out? You can't find a good apt. these days...I promise I'll be very quiet."

Two For YOU.
What's so great about doing stand-up in New York?

It is a very freeing experience. For the most part, people allow you to be who you are-unlike in Boise Idaho, they'll throw a large piece of meat in your face. Also, all of my amazing comedian friends are in New York City.

If you could party would anyone back in the disco era, who would it be and why?
Definitely The Stones. It would be a running stream of constant debauchery, which can be very healing. C'mon, get to hang out with road map face Richards--doesn't get much better. (I know they're not disco, but they were in the mix at Studio 54)

Which New Year's resolution will you break in less than a week?
Didn't make any to break...

Who would you stalk if you were guaranteed NOT to be caught?
Zach Braff

What's the best place in New York for semi-public sex?
Any old gutter--No seriously, any old roof.

What is your must-have fashion accessory this winter? THE BROOCH!

What's your favorite dessert/high carb indulgence? Creme Eggs and Cheese (Not necessarily together)

Complete this sentence: "2005 will be known as the year of the ___"