Print can't be dying if Jennifer Aniston is playing a Daily News reporter in her movie, right? The News excitedly reports, "Jennifer Aniston stepped off an elevator Saturday and became one of the hottest reporters at the Daily News.... Well, kinda ...The former 'Friends' star plays a hard-nosed New York reporter who gets arrested while investigating a story. Instead of making a scheduled court appearance she doggedly pursues her lead, and her ex-hubby - played by Scotsman Gerard Butler - is the bail bondsman charged with hunting her down" for The Bounty, which staged an elaborate 4th of July parade in Greenpoint last monht. There's also an Aniston clothing check—"White sleeveless blouse, gray miniskirt and high heels" (perfect for any hard-nosed reporter!)—and snack check—"thinly peeled string cheese." The News also has a gallery of Aniston at the News offices and Just Jared has photos of Aniston in Midtown.