In the most '90s video we've seen since Pearl Jam played Tower Records, below is a nearly hour-long commercial for Microsoft's Windows 95 software. The video guide features Friends stars Jennifer Aniston (rocking her ring from Brad Pitt) and Matthew Perry, who couldn't BE more Chandler Bing.

The most dated thing is the computer and software itself, of course—just watch around the 24-minute mark when they try to set the desktop wallpaper to a psychedelic '60s theme.

The NY Times reported on the launch that July, noting that Microsoft was doing everything "short of hiring planes towing banners that bear the address of its World Wide Web site."

As for the video—or "cyber sitcom"—they noted that the videotape included a "humorous plot line [that] centers on their visit to Redmond to learn about Windows 95 in the sanctum sanctorum: the office of Bill Gates, the chairman and chief executive of Microsoft, which Mr. Perry calls 'the ground zero of personal computing.' Characters include Mr. Gates's sardonic assistant, a jovial window washer and an enigmatic employee of a local Chinese restaurant, Dim Sum Enchanted Evening, who delivers an order the actors faxed by using Windows 95." [via Vox]