We have some exciting news to share with our readers - Jen Chung, co-founder, editor of Gothamist, and executive editor for all Gothamist sites, has won a Wired Rave Award! The Rave Awards look for people that are "innovators, instigators, and inventors" in their field, with Jen receiving the award for blogs (she's "The Town Crier"). Lest you think Wired hands the award out to anyone, Jen has some pretty good company. Some of the 2007 Rave Award winners include: Tim Kring, creator of Heroes (and Crossing Jordan!); J.K. Rowling; Alfonso Cuarón; fellow blogger, Arianna Huffington; and the Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Here's an excerpt from Wired:

Gothamist got big by thinking small: Chung keeps her sites trained on what's going on in readers' backyards. "As we were starting the site, I thought, how many people know who their city council member is?" says Chung, who still has a day job as an advertising exec in Manhattan. "We're relentlessly focused on stories that larger outlets might have mentioned in passing but have otherwise neglected."

While it's Jen's name on the award, the honor is shared with all our editors and contributors across the Gothamist Network and with the readers, tipsters, and commenters who make what we do possible. Thanks for your support! And we've got a lot of exciting developments planned for the future -- so stay tuned.

The Wired issue with the 2007 Rave Awards is on newsstands now. The bonus for buying the actual magazine, is that you can see for yourself how Jen's head fills up nearly half a printed page! (She also wants you to know you can find your City Council member here or here.)