2006_11_donnajeanine.jpgMaybe the new badge of infamy is how quickly your story gets co-opted by a Law & Order show. Apparently the antics of former Attorney General candidate Jeanine Pirro and trouble-making husband Al will be dramatized for an episode of Criminal Intent that will air next year. The Post has details:

In the episode, a very Pirro-like politician has her eyes on becoming the first female mayor of New York. But her husband, who's described as "very charming with a checkered past," throws a monkey wrench into her hopes when he's suspected of murdering his wife's mentor, a respected judge.

Veteran Broadway actress Donna Murphy plays the Jeanine character, named Maureen, while Xander Berkeley, who starred in "24," plays the wayward Al character, George, who's in the construction business.

Insiders say Maureen illegally wiretaps her unsuspecting hubby when she suspects him of cheating on her with a longtime gal pal - much like Pirro wanted to do to Al on his yacht. There's also a limo driver who works for both Maureen and George and is caught in the middle - and may somehow be involved in the murder.

All of these plot points are purely coincidental, of course.

Donna Murphy was recently on Broadway in Wonderful Town and won two Tonys (one for 1994's Passion and 1996's The King and I). But most people have seen her as the doomed spouse of Dr. Ock in Spider-Man 2. Murphy and Pirro sort of vaguely look alike. We can't wait to see if Murphy will wear power suits as Maureen.

Next to be ripped: State Comptroller Alan Hevesi's woes (an ethics commissioner is mysteriously murdered) or Eliot Spitzer pale, pale chest (did someone substitute his SPF 40 with non-SPF sunblock, causing fatal skin cancer?).