The Daily News has an exclusive first look at Jayson Blair's book. And, holy crap, it has a perfect three-act structure, with this climactic description courtesy of the DN:

Blair - at times self-pitying, at times self-righteous - goes into greater, often lurid detail about how he came unhinged and was able to slip a host of untruths past his editors into print.
He was ready to hang himself with his belt the night before he resigned his job, but stopped himself, he writes, when he realized he had been sober for more than a year and had found love with a Times colleague.
"No matter how bad this gets," he recalls thinking at the time, "your life, regardless of what any outsider may think, is better."

Life-affirming media story! Now we know why Katie Couric and NBC are hot to interview him.

Other revelations in the book: Blair drank during college ("I would start my mornings with a glass of scotch ... and end my day with a glass by my side, sitting in bed, still drinking") just like everyone else who went to college; did coke at the Times office but was "tired of buying bottles of nose spray" but "was not ready to give up cocaine though. ... After all, some of my best stories were inspired by drug-­fueled writing"; and The Times "was a cutthroat culture that leaves no rivals standing." Yeah, not so shocking. But there is this:


• There were times when drugs "loosened myself enough to make advances on women, and there were other less memorable moments where I performed, or received, a sexual favor for drugs. When I was on the performing end, it was usually implicit that it was for drugs."

• Zuza [my girlfriend] took pictures of me prancing around the newsroom wearing a Persian head wrap that covered my face, Kermit the Frog on my shoulders and a giant fake fur coat. I did a full tour de newsroom in this ­peculiar uniform. It is hard to know what I was feeling, other than it was exhilarating to shock everyone. Perhaps I was crying out for attention."

Sexual favors for drugs during a downward spiral? Okay, that seems par for the course. But dragging Kermit the Frog into this? For shame, Jayson Blair!

If you must, read Burning Down My Masters' House. But you'll learn almost as much when you just watch the interviews with Katie Couric.