You can see some of Katie Couric's interview with the over-imaginative Jayson Blair on the Today show website, but a more in-depth interview will air tonight on Dateline. Gothamist watched the Today show segment and found the tableau of confusion on Blair's face when he couldn't one of his lies, Couric saying "It was in the book," then Blair getting up to check his book and saying, "Oh, yeah..." the "made us laugh and cry" moment. Gothamist on Blair's book and related media attention.

Gawker points out that Katie freaked out about plastic surgery allegations on Larry King Live last night. Well, for our money, Katie definitely has that soft focus glow thing going on in the interview, but we can't tell if it's Vaseline on the lens or just an effect of her fuzzy cream sweater.

Another story about "faking it" from Today: The dangers of faking orgasms.