Blair and friend; Photo - GettyThe Post's Keith Kelly has a scoop on Jayson Blair's first piece of writing post-Times: His Jane magazine article is about mistakes he made and suggests readers not repeat them. Like getting ticketed for speeding in the company car, and not paying the ticket, only to have your company crack down. In the scheme of things, that's pretty ho-hum. He also says, as Kelly puts it, "wait a few years and build up some good will before letting their eccentricities show" in the office. That Gothamist can whole-heartedly agree with - why show all your cards at once? Having a job is like dating someone you really like: Wait until the last possible minute to reveal the crazy.

Additionally, it looks Blair may be the subject of a Showtime movie; Jon Maas is interested in using Seth Mnookin's cover story about Blair as the basis, according to Sridhar Pappu in the Observer (last item).

Gothamist on Blair getting dumped by Esquire (ps, David Granger and Jane Pratt are two totally different kinds of editors, with different constituencies).