Jay-Z just couldn't stop with merely flogging the Occupy Wall Street zeitgeist by wearing a t-shirt: remember, he's not a businessman, he's a mmmm—Budweiser Select! Haters gonna hate, and man people really hated the fact that he was selling those "Occupy All Streets" t-shirts for $22 without contributing a cent to the movement. But AnimalNY noticed that the shirts have mysteriously disappeared from Rocawear's website.

His pal Russell Simmons thinks that what the mogul did was "great" no matter what, and at least Simmons deigns to show up in Zuccotti Park. But lets not mince words—what Jay-Z did by selling these shirts is completely different than what David Ortiz did when he named his Dominican nightclub 40/40, the same name as Jay's chain of nightspots, mainly because Ortiz made the mistake of conning someone who can afford attorneys. Learn from the pros, David: exploiting a nebulous, leaderless protest movement railing against economic inequality will never land you in court!

America's Most Trusted News Network, TMZ.com, spoke with "Grim, one of the leaders of the Occupy movement." Though Occupy Wall Street actually doesn't have any leaders, this "Grim" character is certainly the leader of giving hilariously crass quotes to TMZ:

Jay-Z, as talented as he is, has the political sensibility of a hood rat and is a scrotum. To attempt to profit off of the first important social moment of 50 years with an overpriced piece of cotton is an insult to the fight for economic civil rights known as #occupywallstreet.