One of the songs from the Jay-Z and Kanye West collaboration, Watch the Throne, is dedicated to the Pace student killed by Pleasantville police last October. The Journal News reports that on the song "Murder to Excellence, "'This is to the memory of Danroy Henry,' Jay-Z raps after declaring 'Bloody murder, murder, murder.'" (Lyrics.)

Henry was killed when the car he was driving hit two police officers who had been responding to a rowdy scene at a Thornton, NY restaurant; when Henry did not stop the car, the police officers fired at him. According to the police, Officer Aaron Hess was first hit by Henry. Henry kept driving and Hess, while on the hood of the car, fired at Henry multiple times because Henry wouldn't stop. Then Henry drove into Mount Pleasant Officer Ronald Beckley, who fired once. One of Hess' bullets killed Henry. Toxicology results showed that Henry's blood alcohol was 0.13, above the 0.08 legal limit, but the incident, between the two white police officers and the 20-year-old black man, sparked racial debate. (Henry's friends also claimed that cops Tasered them while trying to help their dying friend.)

Ultimately, no charges were filed against the cops for Henry's death and Hess was named "officer of the year." One of Henry's friends told the Journal News, "I think it's amazing that so many celebrities can see through the lies that the Westchester D.A. and Mount Pleasant and Pleasantville police have put out there," while Henry's father simply said, “It was a nice gesture... It was a really nice, human thing to do and we appreciate them for doing it.”