Can one get any further down than rock bottom? Lindsay Lohan is our one-woman guinea pig, determined to find out. As her brother faces death threats on Long Island, LiLo is out in Los Angeles finishing up some community service and courting America's most-hated bachelor: Chris Brown. Yesterday, after applauding him for his VMA performance, she Tweeted: "@chrisbrown wanna meet?" So far, he has yet to respond.


Perhaps Jay-Z already got to him? Grantland recently took a stab at what the rapper's random (now deleted) "Chris Brown" Tweet meant, coming up with this conversation:

@MikeFromBreakingBad: Who is the target? @S_C_: Chris Brown @MikeFromBreakingBad: Done. We’ll board up his body at 201 Mulberry Street. No one will ever think to look there!

Well, Hova did once call Brown “a walking dead man."