bkjz.jpgUnless Ashton Kutcher is punking the media again, it appears Jay-Z and Beyoncé may be getting married after all.

The Daily News is reporting a celebration is planned at the couple's NYC apartment tonight; either Jay-Z is celebrating his $150 million deal with Live Nation, or the two are finally tying the knot. While sources are mum, word is that Diddy was invited over to the apartment along with some other close friends tonight; Beyoncé's Connect Four partner, Kanye West, is also in town.

Beyoncé's father (Mathew) has reportedly been in talks with a celebrity weekly about wedding pictures, as well.

"Mathew first started talking about wedding photos on Monday," a magazine insider told The News. "He said, 'How much are you offering?' There has been a back-and-forth since then, but he has not revealed the date. He is definitely talking about there being wedding pictures."

The two got a marriage license in Scarsdale earlier this week, on Aprils Fools Day.