Director Baz Luhrmann is currently working on his latest project, bringing The Great Gatsby to the big screen (again)... and possibly in 3-D (the next natural step for an F. Scott Fitzgerald classic!).

The NY Post has an update and reports that filming will likely begin in New York in June, and Luhrmann told the paper he's in the middle of deciding which studio he'll work with, also adding, "I'm making a big decision about The Great Gatsby by the end of the week." Luhrmann relocated to the city with his family last September for the project, and though recent reports suggested he may be off the film, it seems like he's still at the reigns.

It looks like the cast will include Leo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan... but we have to agree with IMDB user hpavillion1, who demands: "RYAN GOSLING FOR GATSBY."

Think about it, Luhrmann.