On June 20th, 1975, America was given the gift of exactly 124 minutes of perfect summer movie magic. Before Jaws, we didn't even have these big flashy summer flicks—making it not only the greatest, but the prototypical summer blockbuster. And now, duunnn dunnn, Jaws is back on the big screen. Crush a Narragansett Beer can and celebrate.

When Jaws hit theaters the first time around, new director Steven Spielberg was 29 years old, and had only just directed his first theatrical film (The Sugarland Express). Roger Ebert declared it to be a "sensationally effective action picture, a scary thriller that works all the better because it's populated with characters that have been developed into human beings we get to know and care about. It's a film that's as frightening as The Exorcist, and yet it's a nicer kind of fright, somehow more fun." He goes on to say that this Spielberg fella "is very good." Indeed.

One of the best scenes doesn't involve a shark at all, but a boy mimicking his father. While the fish may have hooked you into the theater, the story often lies elsewhere—you can't just have a shark. J.J. Abrams has called scenes like this the ones that live "inside the box." It is why Sharknado is a joke, and Jaws is a masterpiece.

So don't you want to see it on the big screen again? You can, during a short window next month, when the film turns 40 years old (!). The screenings will take place at 2 and 7 p.m. on June 21st and 24th. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, Friday, May 29th. Did anyone find Bruce yet?

Here's the official trailer, and some fun facts.

Until then, have you ever read the Peter Benchley novel it was all based on?