Jason Segel, who has a little movie called The Muppets coming out this week, just talked extensively about his hosting duties on Saturday Night Live, also offering up this cute anecdote to Moviefone—his list of goals that he made when he was a kid had three things on it: to be on Letterman, to work with the Muppets, and to host SNL. He told them, "I did all three last week. In one week! That's not hyperbole, that's an actual list I had."

Segel also revisits SNL's "Land of Gorch" era, which took place during the first season when Jim Henson created Muppets for an older crowd, Muppets that could stay up all night—unfortunately, they weren't well received, and didn't quite fit on the show. Here's one of the "Land of Gorch" Muppets with Lily Tomlin:

Segel explains, "it didn't quite work. But it did give birth to The Muppet Show. They said to Lorne, 'We'd like to do our own variety show, do you mind if we copy your format in a half hour'—and that's how The Muppet Show was born."