Just a week after the Pandamonium street party took over a section of Bedford Avenue, a flash mob of scenesters descended upon the Williamsburg Bridge for a concert by art noise rockers Japanther and Ninja Sonik. But this word-of-mouth party, the third of an ongoing series, was different from Pandamonium in that it went on for two hours, from midnight to 2 a.m., before police arrived to ruin the fun. A blogger for Vice was in attendance, naturally, to report back on all the sweaty DIY revelry.

Seriously though, two hours. And we just found out that Nick, the guy from above who set it up, only got taken in because he had an unpaid open container ticket from four years ago (he also says he used his shoe for a pillow and that his cell had "Slayer - 666" over a pentagram tagged on the wall). So basically as long as you don't have any outstanding warrants, it looks like the Bridge is fair game for partying. See you there next weekend!

Photographer Elizabeth Weinberg was also there, and writes on her blog that "there were probably 200 people on the middle causeway of the bridge." There's some video of the happening after the jump; while it isn't much to look at it, it does feature some amusing dialogue from defiant hipsters condemning everyone for "scattering like fucking cockroaches in the light" when police arrive. And note to commenters: Your colleagues on the Vice blog have already beaten you to the "Oh man, if only the bridge collapsed" comment, so you'll have to dig a little deeper.