2006_09_confessionjm.jpgSo, next Tuesday the much-talked-about memoir by former NJ Governor James "I'm a gay American" McGreevey will be released, amidst a publicity whirlwind. Apparently people in the Oprah audience (who were asked not to speak about the show but did so anyway) weren't that impressed with McGreevey. Well, revealing that you had your gay encounters while his wife was in the hospital after giving birth to their daughter isn't anything that wins people's favor. His associates believe that the book will show he's contrite about his actions. That's all well and good - and it's good that McGreevey can be more comfortable with himself now that he's out. But does his memoir mention miring NJ in a lot of economic problems and being a corrupt politician? Just asking!

Will you be reading The Confession? The Daily News mentions today that McGreevey cruised for gay sex at rest stops. And his memoir is steamy, in a gay Harlequin kind of way.