You know that photo of James Franco sleeping in class? Once it hit TMZ it made its way to every corner of the internet, and now the actor fears falling asleep in public. Put your cameraphones down and let James Franco get his beauty rest, people!

In the below video you can hear the actor/grad student/chronic mastrubator talking about the incident for the first time ever (probably). During the interview he explains, "That wasn't class. You're talking about that... photo. At Columbia I was in the writing program, but in addition I would go to what are called VALS (Visiting Artist Lectures) at the Art Department. They would get incredible artists to come speak every week, so I'd go... normally they're held at the art school on 125th, it's a small room, a cool kind of art feeling room. But that night they had William Kentridge, who drew a really huge crowd, so they held it in some building on campus. They also held it later than usual. And I was tired! It was an extra thing, it was 10 at night, it wasn't a class."

Other things we learn: he got a D in acting class, and takes the Acela Express train (presumably from New Haven to New York City). [via NYO]