The upcoming series The Deuce, created by The Wire veterans David Simon and George Pelecanos, hits HBO in September. Starring James Franco (who plays two roles — naturally, he directed himself) and Maggie Gyllenhaal, the series takes place in 1970s New York City—one of the city's toughest decades. The new trailer was just released, and features a recreated Times Square from that era (see the real deal in our archives):

Franco is playing two roles, twin brothers from Brooklyn, Vincent and Frankie Martino, whose bar appears to be a front for the mob. Gyllenhaal plays Eileen "Candy" Merrell, a sex worker making moves into the porn industry. According to Rolling Stone, "the series will also explore the rise of HIV, the real estate boom and police efforts to crack down on the adult film trade."

The first season will consist of 8-episodes, premiering on September 10th.

N.B. There still time to check out Film Forums' excellent 1970s NYC movie fest, running through July 27th.