One of the Undergrads

James Franco is back on Twitter, it seems, with his newly created James Franco TV handle. That is, if it's really James Franco who's behind this. IF it is, it would appear the everyman is getting into the television biz, or more specifically, the web series biz (though surely this is art). Anyway, we have little information about this project, but Franco Tweeted a link to it yesterday, saying, "my new show," which is called Undergrads.

The two and a half minute trailer, soundtracked by Omaha band Tilly & The Wall, seems to be filmed at USC (where he is or was a student or professor? We honestly can't remember.). Is it real, is it scripted? Do college kids really have bucket lists? Will there be an NYU version? Has James Franco been knighted yet? And most importantly, whose cat is this?

James Franco on WhoSay

In other news: we do not miss college.