Two of the portraits James Franco now owns.

What's more adorable than James Franco and a baby chimp? On Sunday the actor (or whatever) was at the Toronto International Film Festival when he spotted 13-year-old Macy Armstrong's homecrafted fan art, clutched tightly in her hands. Franco reportedly interrupted the proceedings to talk to his fan (who runs the Tumblr James Franco Forever), and ended up buying her pieces.

The lot included a portrait of Franco made out of yarn, a newspaper collage made from clippings about the actor, and a canvas inspired by 127 Hours. He told Armstrong, who was wearing a t-shirt with his face on it, "I saw that one on the Internet, someone sent it to me. I wanna buy those."

According to CTV, Armstrong was giddy after the encounter, saying, "Of course, I would love him to have them. I'm a humongous fan. For his birthday, I made him a cake." Later she took to her Tumblr to relay the story, writing: "He looked at me, he spoke to me, and I'm pretty sure we mentally got married!" (You can read her whole story here.)

Armstrong walked away empty handed otherwise, but maybe Franco gave her a piece of his invisible art and we just couldn't see it? Either way, Ryan Gosling, your move man...