What can't James Franco do? The actor, who will soon appear on General Hospital, is allegedly looking to obtain a Ph.D at Yale University after completing his masters of fine arts degree at Columbia. This is all while he's also enrolled as a filmmaking student at NYU. He told the Yale Daily News, "I'm applying to Ph.D. programs next year so I came out (to Yale) to see what the program was like."

How will this sit with students at the school? He admitted that his celebrity status has caused some issues at Columbia, saying, "I had a little incident last night that was unpleasant. Columbia has a great library, the Butler Library, and I don't think I can go in there anymore. Because last night I went in, I went into the restroom and this guy was in there and he's mumbling like, 'You're James Franco, right?' I'm like, 'Yeah, how's it going?' Basically, he said he was annoyed with me that I came to the library and that there are girls in the library. He didn't express himself. I think what he meant was that he thought I came to the library to meet young girls and he said it wasn't fair. And I tried to apologize for any disruption my presence had, but he was still annoyed. So I left and I went to the writing building, which is a little more private, but I have to sit there alone in the dark."

Hear that ladies? James Franco is alone, in the dark, in the writing building. BRB!

VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE:General Hospital is now airing previews for Franco's appearance on the show. It is as special as we thought it would be.