Set your DVRs: Starting November 20th actor/student/dreamboat James Franco will be making his debut on General Hospital—which inexplicably is just way more exciting than his upcoming cameo on 30 Rock.

Can his star power save soap operas? EW reports that his first day on set in the fictional town of Port Charles was October 30th, and while he's only contracted to shoot for three days, his character will be drawn out in the storyline for over two months.

SoapNet has the real scoop, however, with a photo of Franco in character. They note that there's still "no word on who James will be playing (beyond that it has something to do with Jason), but feel free to speculate away based on the image." Who's Jason? Who cares! This black suit obviously means he's going to be a villain, because soaps really aren't that complicated—let's just hope there's lots of face-slapping drama and over-the-top make out sessions. People, your stories just got a bazillion percent more sexy.