New Yorkers had varying reactions to Tilda Swinton's surprise performance art piece at MoMA on Saturday—on a scale of David Blaine to Marina Abramović, we thought she swayed more toward the latter. And amateur Renaissance Man James Franco certainly didn't want to miss out on the event of the day—he showed up just before closing time (with Michael Stipe!) to check out sleeping Swinton, as you can see in the grainy photo sent by a tipster below.

James Franco blesses this blurry photo of himself watching Tilda Swinton make art at MoMA on Saturday (via @SleepingTilda)

Plenty of people noticed him noticing her there as well:

This all seemed entirely appropriate, considering the fact that throughout the day, people were finally able to dump their Franco/Swinton jokes onto Twitter— about how maybe Swinton was really Franco in disguise, or how he should join her in the box, or how he was probably kicking himself for not thinking of this first, or how he'll probably copy her idea later.

Whether or not you think Franco's grillz-as-pathos shtick is brilliant or just the equivalent of a limited edition switchblade party, it's always more admirable to be interested and engaged in the art world, and supportive of people taking risks (regardless of whether you think said attemps are "a cheap attempt at modern art"), than not. And hey, Franco certainly makes for a good addition to the city's current hottest nightclub.