When it was announced that James Franco would be returning to reprise his role as Robert "Franco" Frank on General Hospital, filming weeks of scenes in just a few days, we raised the possibility of an army of James Franco clones. Now it turns out that this clone army may be a dream deferred, because Franco says he won't be heading to Port Charles after all.

The extremely busy star told E!, "I'm sad to say that that was a little bit of misinformation. I don't know why they announced that I would be back in September. I am currently making [Oz the Great and Powerful] in Detroit. I am the lead, I'm working every day, so I don't know when I would be able to fly back to do any episodes of General Hospital in the near future."

But do you know what he does have time for? His collaboration director Gus Van Sant at PS1 which will include "master classes taught by Gus Van Sant, James Franco and Francisco J. Ricardo, Ph.D."