Mon OncleRoger Ebert's pick for a Great Movie this week is Jacques Tati's Mon Oncle, and Gothamist is reminded how watching one of Tati's films is like taking a leisurely vacation (perhaps we're colored by Mr. Hulot's Holiday) into a place where comedy is in everything, but in subtle, more graceful ways. Jacques Tati always seemed like this great, curmudgeon, and seeing him trying to react with strange peope is magical. Watching a Tati film will surely cure whatever ails you (the crap run of weather, getting a ticket for being in the subway, etc).

Thank God for Criterion, which has put out beautiful DVDs of Tati's Mon Oncle, Playtime, and Mr. Hulot's Holiday.

The official Jacques Tati site, Tativille, is an elegant web experience in itself.