Chaos descended upon Radio City Music Hall at the end of Jack White's brief show (Tom Ganjamie)

Remember when Jack White played a 45-minute set at Radio City Music Hall, before addressing the crowd with "Jesus Christ, is this an NPR convention?" and walking off the stage? The incident, which took place last September, quietly dissipated with the passage of time, but now White has been pressed to give up some answers.

Rolling Stone questioned the musician what happened that night, and he basically blamed the audience while attempting to artfully dodge any sort of full reveal—RS's Patrick Doyle asked, "I was at the Radio City show where you walked off... What was going through your head that night?" White responded with the following:

"Oh, I just do what the crowd tells me to do. I always do that. I always have and always will. If I play an old folks' home or a fire station, I shut up when the crowd tells me to shut up. I provoke when the crowd tells me to provoke. The crowd's in complete control of me. So that's, that's what will happen at any given night you see me. I was just doing what they told me to do [Laughs]."

Did Jack White play an old folks home and no one told us?