Jack Kerouac bobbleheadLowell Massachusetts native Jack Kerouac is getting bobbleheaded - Boston Red Sox single-A affiliate Lowell Spinners will be giving out 1000 Jack Kerouac bobbleheads on August 21, as part of Jack Kerouac night.

The bobblehead doll itself is about 8 inches tall. The figurine sports a full head of black hair and stands on a copy of On the Road, pen and notebook in hand.

And, lest you think, this is blasphemous, his executor thinks it's a great idea. John Sampas, executor and brother of Kerouac's third wife, says, "Besides being an author, he was an all-around guy. He was a great sports enthusiast, too. Certainly, Jack would love it." The Lowell Spinners' official site. [Via MeFi]

Bobbleheads we'd like to see: J.D. Salinger, Patricia Highsmith, Thomas Pynchon, and Haruki Murakami.