With J. K. Rowling's first "adult" novel The Casual Vacancy already getting some okay reviews the woman who brought us Hogwarts is finally ready to talk about what everyone really wants to know: When she will revisit her beloved world of wizards and muggles. And the answer is maybe soon! But you might not like how.

In an interview with the BBC Rowling says that she is tempted to go back to at least two of the Potter novels to make a "director's cut" as they were rushed into existence. "There were a couple of the Potters and I definitely knew that they needed another year," she said. "But you know what," she went on, "I'm proud I was writing under the conditions under which I was writing, no one will ever know how tough it was at times."

Rowling, whose latest book has made some news for having—gasp!—swear words, says that her next book will "very likely" be for kids again. "I have a children's book that I really like. It's for slightly younger children than the Potter books," she says. The last Potter book came out in 2007.

But back to those "director's cut" Potter books. So many questions! Will she bring back a since-fixed discrepancy in Goblet of Fire that some of us will never forget? Will we meet Dumbeldore's boyfriend? Will Greedo shoot first?