2005_10_artsmp3exp.jpgThe last time Improv Everywhere had a mission they were asked to do something for the Howl Festival. A 1997 Old Timey Photobooth was then created, where passerby could take a photo with '97-specific nostalgia embedded all around.

This weekend they bring us The Mp3 Experiment, a sort of cryptic mission in that you won't really "get it" until you arrive at the meeting spot (if you follow the rules and don't listen to the mp3 ahead of time, that is.) So charge up your iPod, download the mp3 and head over to Sheep Meadow in Central Park on Saturday (3pm). Details and instructions are all available here. Let us know if you participate and if the mp3 is enlightening, or if it's just several remixes of Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone" played back to back (which some may argue is enlightening).