Goodness gracious, is it Labor Day weekend already? It seems like just yesterday we were installing our largely unnecessary air-conditioners and planning hikes that never happened. But time marches on, and city beaches are closing this weekend, so if you haven't had a chance to spot a non-shark at Rockaway yet, this is your last chance.

Way back in the post-winter/pre-summer era leading up to Memorial Day Weekend, we offered up a roundup of our favorite beaches in the area (full list here). Those include Fort Tilden, Rockaway Beach, Sandy Hook (in New Jersey), Jones Beach and Long Beach. If you prefer to pair your sand and surf with a scary roller-coaster, you can also head to Coney Island, where new loop-and-drop ride The Thunderbolt opened earlier this summer.

What else? If beaches aren't your thing, you can throw your flesh sac in one of the city's free outdoor pools, all of which also close after Labor Day. Bring a lock! And note that though we've thus far skipped out on blinding heat and humidity this summer, it'll actually be hot and steamy tomorrow and on Monday, with a potential 90-degree temperature on Labor Day coupled with some afternoon showers.