For a few seconds yesterday I was almost happy. Between writing stories about the President and a terrifying elevator episode at One World Trade, I rediscovered my ability to believe there was good in the world. It hit me in the form of twitter video of what appears to be an NYPD officer in uniform at his desk rapping about his love of, well, see for yourself.

As a piece of content, let me tell you that this is perfect. Officer NYP-to-the-D drops a legitimately solid 16 bars over a sparse trap beat that's good enough to rack up at least a few thousand plays on Soundcloud. The entire thing is a clear nod to a raunchy viral freestyle posted to Instagram by Erykah Badu—a clip that came accompanied by the tag "#forthepussychallenge."And this lewd lawman has answered the call.

I mean it when I say his video slaps. Like any great MC, he blends braggadocio with backstory—this cypher's got warrants, probable cause, cuffs, and, yes, stop-and-frisk woven through it. While other officers merely dance in crowds, this unsigned cop is bravely flying solo. Sadly, he's also an actor.

Yes, it is with a heavy heart that we must report that the online celebs are at it again. The hot fuzz rapping in the video is local man Jacob Berger a longtime thespian with a history of portraying cops on shows like Bull, Person of Interest, Changelings, and more. Berger uploaded the video to his personal Instagram account Tuesday with no watermark, title, or personal claim to the rap. That, he said, is what made it possible for the clip to go viral.

"It's been a crazy 24 hours," Berger told Gothamist. "I've been freestyle rapping my whole life, but I've gained 23,000 followers in just the time since I posted the video." His success as a character actor specializing in guards and cops means that a replica NYPD uniform is a part of Berger's personal wardrobe. "I look very convincing as a police officer."

So convincing that Berger says he's seen the video posted on some pages as evidence of the NYPD's racial tone deafness and mentioned in the same breath as police brutality.

"I've been a liberal all my life and I strongly support Black Lives Matter," Berger said before acknowledging his lack of control over his own bit, now that it's gone viral.

"I literally wrote that song in 10 minutes and shot it in 10 minutes," he said. "I tried to make a rap that's not just about random shit but kind of tells a story. I feel like I tell stories with my raps. The craziest part is that a lot of people think that I'm a cop."