php0LpvHGPM.jpgJust a quick reminder that Gothamist House is open again today (3 to 8 p.m.)! We've really enjoyed spending so much time this week and in absolutely gorgeous Gowanus venue, so come join us at the Bell House for the final show, which includes sets by: Hayes Peebles, The Muggabears, The Depreciation Guild, PWRFL Power, The Forms and Neckbeard Telecaster. All of the details you need are right here. Bonus: 2-for-1 drink specials (we've been ordering up some bloody mary's made with McClure's Pickles)! Whole Foods reusable grocery gift bags are still being doled out, with items from: Babeland, Embittermints, the Humane Society, Gotham Girls Roller Derby, RightRides, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Penguin and Insound, and Brooklyn Tattoo's owner even donated some "Brooklyn Love" pins and stickers. And for the gamers, there's a FaceBreaker video game demo in there for you. And be sure to take a gander at the artwork on display from Sam Horine, Paula DiGioia and Shai Dahan. See you there!