This week, Gothamist celebrated the holidays with Rufus at their 2nd annual Holiday Cocktail bash, downing Rufitinis like they were the last drink we’d ever have. The next day, when we finally came to, we realized that the signature touches we thought we saw – 2004_12_artsredbutton.jpgred R cufflinks and contrasting fabrics on the inside of both french and barrel cuffs – were real and not produced from an alcoholic haze. We then decided we’d be remiss without giving away the secret that Rufus shirts are the go to gift for the you-wish-he-were-just-a-little-hipper man in your life. If you’re tired of seeing your brother/best (male) friend/boyfriend/husband in his standard ‘you could fit two people in there’ baggy button downs (probably paired with some pleated pants?) it’s about time to get him into one of these shirts. Rufus shirts are made in the US (no Kathy Lee/MK and Ashley sweatshop scandals here) of ‘make you look twice’ fabrics and details. Look here for all the NY shops and websites that carry Rufus.

Already bought your supply of Rufus shirts for the holidays but have too many items on the social agenda to give up a night wrapping them all? Gothamist has discovered the answer to your prayers - Platinum Touch Design. Not only can they save you from the time of wrapping gifts, they can likely do it a whole lot better.

[If you have a NY-centric designer, shop, product, etc to suggest for review please email Jenna, writer of this new column called: Licking the Windows. Which we feel the need to tell you is Paris' equivalent term to "window shopping".]