If you've ever wanted to get evencloser to the Showtime dancers as they do their thing in the subway car, click on the box below. Featuring the super talented Chosen crew ("Folks do not be afraid, you can trust us, we're from the Bronx"), this 360° video lets you pan around to catch all the moves of the dancers, from the perspective of someone leaning against the subway door.

UPDATE: Milosz Pierwola, who filmed the video and posted on his site worldin360.com, tells us why he shoots experiences like this:

"I take the footage I produce and put it into two VR Headsets that I then take to hospitals, inpatient care centers, and other places with people who would otherwise not get out on such adventures. I do this all on my own time and for free. Since I left my job in NYC as an attorney and started to chase the locations around the world I only read about, I have wanted to share my experiences because I can't put them into words. With this technology, I found a way to bring a smile to the faces of those who would never be able to climb a mountain or surf a wave."