In an effort to thwart the still-in-development gay cable channel, Bravo continues to make stridest to be the gayest network on TV. No, not by airing America's Top Model or Sex and the City or Melrose Place in syndication - by signing Ross Matthews, Tonight Show intern, to his own show, "The Ross Show!," silly! Gothamist loves how Ross says "THE ROSS SHOW! is going to be the most fun ever. Are you ready? I am!" and lets you write into him to see if he can make your dreams come true. The show will made up of bits like his Tonight Show work (which is hysterical - see him call Scarlett Johansson a bitch) and out-of-the-ordinary situations. He's like a nicer Cojo, who is just male Joan Rivers. Expect to see Ross on the Today show stat.

But where is Triumph's own show?