Check this out! Apartment Therapy has been running a Pet Decor contest, and today's entry are cat stairs for two kitties living in Dumbo. We actually know these felines, Oliver and Dodger, from their TV-watching habits, and now understand why we never get to hang out with them - being at home is too much fun. The stairs are actually floating bookshelves covered with carpet tiles! Gothamist is very impressed, as the only decor our pet likes is the Ikea Poang chair or wherever we need to be. Do you have pet-specific decor?

In other animal news, the ASPCA is giving the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals a $10,000 grant to help out with rising gas prices. The Mayor's Alliance has been hit hard by gas prices as its vans transport animals between shelters and foster homes - without the program, many animals might be euthanized. And the ASPCA asking New Yorkers to match their contribution - you can donate here.