We're so excited about tonight's finale for Project Runway. We've been preparing all week by watching reruns of last week's episode. Gothamist thinks that collections will all look a lot better than they do right now, but not without some histrionics that reality show cameras were made for. And about the extra looks, we think Chloe's will look the best, Daniel's will be the most boring, and Santino's will be sort of a mess. We honestly have no idea about who will win, but we suspect Santino might have a shot, though we kind of want Chloe to, since we feel she really does understand how to make a woman's body look great. Who do you think will win?

And try our drinking game, we'd just add that you should drink when:
- Tim looks perplexed by a designer's clothes
- When a model doesn't show up
- When a dress/outfit gets busted
- When their assistants bug the crap out of them

Till tomorrow!